Al Fresco Dining

As summer approaches and we start to enjoy more time outside under the sun, outdoor dining and entertaining is a must! Al Fresco style dining is one of the greatest ways to enjoy the warmer weather with family and friends over a spread of delicious food.

Create the perfect Al Fresco inspired dining space thanks to selected Homeworld Helensvale retailers. Read below for our top picks and tips!


1. Selecting the perfect table 

However big or small your space is, you can find the perfect size table for you and your guests.

Melba Bench and Dining Table, available at Oz Design Furniture 

2. Ambience 

Utilise lighting and plants to create the perfect atmosphere

Bondi Lantern, available at PillowTalk 

3. Table settings 

Select a colour palette for your table spread and pick table linens and serving ware to match!

Wandering Folk Timber Dawn Floral Large Bowl, available at Adairs