Bedroom Bliss: Master Your Bed Styling

Always had a little bedroom envy over those perfectly styled beds in magazines and on Insta?  It seems having a professionally preened bed is easier than you think!  See below for our top bed styling tips and share the end results with us on Instagram.


Set The Mood

The first step towards creating the perfect bedroom setting is to decide on the mood you would like to create.  Are you after something dark, moody and romantic, a look that’s light bright or a bohemian style?  Find inspiration for bedroom looks that you love on Instagram or Pinterest or visit the Adairs or Pillow Talk blogs.

Once you have determined the mood you want, create your own mood board using a tool like Canva or even Word to see how your finished look could come together.

Photo credit: Noosa Queen Bed Frame and White Slip available from James Lane


Colour It

Colour is a great tool for not only setting the mood of your bedroom but also for pulling all of your bedroom pieces and textures together.  Pick a colour palette that suits your mood and select two or three signature colours to use across furniture, decor, art, sheets and soft furnishings.  Layer your pieces to keep things simple and relaxed (remember a cluttered room won’t be relaxing!).

Photo credit: Adairs


Your sheets may not be the most visible aspect of your bedroom styling but they are certainly the most practical.  Use good quality sheets with a high thread count – you deserve it 🙂

Photo credit: Pillow Talk

Pillows and Cushions

Use an arrangement of pillows and cushions to add personality in your room and create repetition with your colour palette.  Layer pillows of various size, colour and texture to add dimension and character to your bed.

Pictured: L-R Adairs HR Axel Blush Cushion $41.99, Adairs HR Vintage Wash Linen Cotton mid Grey Cushion $48.97


Add Throws

Finish your look with a textured throw to add that final sense of cosiness to your new bedroom space.

Pictured: L-R Adairs HR Chunky knit grey marble rib throw $174.99, Adairs HR Ashton Indigo Throw $83.97