Boredom Busters For Your Best Friend

Have a much loved four legged friend that doesn’t cope so well when you are out and about?

Here are 4 top boredom busting tips for your dog thanks to Best Friends Pets.



Tip 1: Put Your Pet On The Clock

Dedicate time every day to play with your pets, using a range of toys to keep playtime interesting and fun.


Tip 2: Keep Them Busy

Ensure your pet is occupied while you are out of the house.  Look for boredom busting toys like the ones of offer by KONG (available at Best Friends Pets)


Tip 3: Mix It Up

Mix up your walks and outdoor activities.  Take a new route or bring a new friend to keep walk time interesting.


Tip 4: Creative Meals

Get creative at meals time and move around your pets food.  Hide some in toys, some in the backyard – use your imagination!  This will ensure your pet is fed and entertained.


Want to know more tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy?  Visit Best Friends Pets at Homeworld Helensvale this weekend 🙂