Air Purifiers Now At Beacon Lighting

An air purifier in your home is a great way to clean the air and make it healthier for you and your family. Filtering out a range of airborne pollutants, an air purifier releases cleaner air back into your home. From lowering airborne allergens to eliminating odours, air purifiers have Details

Clever Gadgets – Where Innovation Meets Everyday Homelife

When we consider our home spaces, we tend to think about furniture, art, kitchens, bathrooms and décor.  Innovation within the home now also gaining momentum as an integral part of home life and design.   We’ve picked our favourite (and mostly affordable innovations) that will enhance your home and make Details

Smart Homes Have Arrived

With the recent release of Google Home there has never been a more exciting time to tech-ccessorise your home. Smart phones, wireless technology and energy saving gadgets are fast becoming a staple of everyday life, giving us innovative solutions to create cleaner, greener, more efficient homes. We’ve scouted around our Details

Top 10 School Holiday Essentials

With school holidays now upon us, we’ve put together a Top 10 Holiday Essentials list that will keep all members of your family happy and entertained over the break! A short trip to Homeworld Helensvale, with convenient parking and coffee in hand, will have your school holidays sorted. Happy shopping! Details