Common Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Switching up your home décor can transform the look, feel and mood of your home but there are some common traps that face home decorators.   If you are looking at refreshing the look of your home this season, here are 5 decorating mistakes to be mindful of.


Bad Lighting

Bad lighting can thwart even the most beautiful of rooms. The most welcoming spaces are usually filled with natural lighting, however if the room lacks little natural lighting try adding soft layers of lighting including a chandelier, floor lamp or even a pendant. If you want more of a feature, try adding a mirror to the space. Mirrors are great ways to reflect what natural lighting there may be around.

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Hanging Your Artwork Incorrectly

If you are wanting to give life to a space, artwork is a great way to do so. Just a simple piece can make a space feel complete and welcoming. A common mistake people make when hanging the picture, is ensuring that they have hung it at the right height. The centre of the image should be at eye height around 150cm. Take the time to mock up where you want your artwork to go to ensure that the position is correct.


Going Cushion Crazy

Pillows and throw are a great way to add that extra pop of colour and texture to the space. However it is easy to get carried away with them, try to stick to about 4 pillows and 1 rug for each space. If your pillows are starting to looking more tired than trendy, it might be time to give them the toss.

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Mixing Trends

Of course you want to keep up with the latest trends – but sometimes mixing trends is not always a good thing. It’s always best to stick with one trend and stay with it. If you’re wanting to add small touches to the space, adding decorative items such as; vases, cushions, frames and artwork is always a good idea, however don’t over do it.  The old saying “less is more” rings true!