Go Green With Indoor Plants

There’s nothing like indoor greenery to soften your interiors and bring the outdoors in. With Spring just around the corner, now is the time to consider using indoor plants to add a fresh new look to your home.

Here are our top tips for maximising the effect of your indoor plants.


Do Your Research

Getting the right plant for your home is essential. Consider if the plant needs full sun and the type of pot that will be right for the plant.



Image source: The Every Girl


Look For Contrast

Use plants with different types colour, leaf textures and shapes to add contrast.


Start Small

Unsure if your green thumb will make the grade? Start small and trial a few smaller plants to make sure you have the combination of pot style, sunlight and watering correct before investing in more expensive plants and planters.




Image source: Eat Love Share


Fake It Till You Make It!

Of course, there are a great range of “faux” plants available at the moment that look just a realistic as a live plant. Fake plants offer the best of both worlds – a great look without all of the effort!

Monsteria Plant Pillowtalk

Monsteria Available From Pillowtalk


Potted hanging Plants - Pillow Talk

Potted Hanging Plant From Pillowtalk

Greenery In Hessian Pot Adairs

Greenery In A Hessian Bag From Adairs

Adairs Tex Plant Stand

Tex Plant Stand From Adairs