Sweet Dreams


We spend a third of our life sleeping so it makes sense to have a bedroom that is the perfect zone for rest and relaxation.  Follow the advice of our retailers below for a better night’s rest!


Invest In The Right Mattress

According to Melissa Power from Sleeping Giant, a common misconception with shoppers is that a firmer mattress equals better support.

“Firmer isn’t always better”, she says.

“Ensuring your mattress is perfect is about comfort and adequate weight distribution.  If your weight is more evenly distributed and key parts of your body are well supported, then you will have less pressure on your body and ultimately will achieve a much more comfortable night sleep.”

Melissa advised caring for your mattress once its home from the shop will also enhance its longevity.  She advises to follow these three rules.

“You should rotate your mattress from head to toe every two to three months rather than flipping it over as was common practice a few years ago.

“A mattress protector will also keep your new investment clean and comfortable and lastly, you should regularly strip off your bed and allow the mattress to air.

“It’s also wise to vacuum the mattress at the same time so that any dust and particles can be removed.”


Set The Scene For Sleep

Switch out your warmer sheets and linens for cooler fabrics now that Spring has arrived.  Create a sense of calm in your space using lighting and layer your lighting with lamps and softer illumination options so that you can move from light light for reading to ambient light for rest and relaxation.



Up the bliss factor using scented candles and fragrant diffusers.  From sleep friendly lavender to fruity signature scents, soothe the mind with your favourite fragrances.


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